Special Squad vs Zombies

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An evil entity has studied and developed a virus that transforms humans into vicious zombies, and they have no idea what they are doing. They infiltrate cities and murder people. To stop the zombie apocalypse and bring peace back to the world, we need your help to lead the suicide squad into battle. The suicide squad will be made up of eight warriors, and each will have a different weapon and set of skills. E.g.: When you use two handguns, the damage is reduced, and the rate of fire remains standard, but since it is inexpensive, you may quickly recruit a large number of soldiers to help you through the first conflicts. In addition to being armed with a valuable metal shield, tankers have tremendous physical power. The Tanker will be an excellent choice to lead the front line to halt the onslaught of zombies and decrease damage to comrades behind him. Sniper: A sharpshooter armed with a shotgun with a sluggish firing rate but a long-range can damage significantly. Our research shows eight different kinds of zombies, each with its speed, strength, and health, that you need to watch out for. E.g.: This is a very basic zombie with low health and regular speed, but they are very crowded and aggressive in their pursuit of prey. -Chef Zombie: He is a zombie who moves slowly but has a lot of health and can do a lot of damage. The Fireman Zombie is a zombie that the Freeze talent can't control, unlike the other zombies. It is difficult to halt the progression of this kind. You can find more information on zombies at the library if you want to. In addition, you have three other special abilities, such as dropping bombs, freezing, and launching rockets to do massive amounts of damage to your opponents. After winning a war, you may use the stars earned from that fight to improve the strength of your troops while they are in combat. Remember to keep an eye out for incentives such as stars and jewels after finishing tasks in the Quest portion of the game.

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