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Aggiunto in data: May 18 2013
Descrizione: Numerous asteroids may strike your planet and cause unimaginable disasters. At the same time, some aliens from the outer space are planning to invade your homeland. Your task in this game is to eliminate all these dangerous objects as quickly as possible, or you will be hit and crashed. Use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to turn your spaceship, and press the up and down arrows to move. When an asteroid approaches, press the Spacebar to shoot. The asteroid will be broken down into smaller pieces, but you still need to fire at them until the fragments are completely destroyed. Your spacecraft will be under attack when an enemy appears, and you have to dodge from the missiles and fight back. Be careful when you move to the edges of the screen as your spaceship will rebound. If your craft is hit by an asteroid or a missile, the game ends. Save the day by destroying the harmful forces!
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